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May 15, 2018

Should You Put Scales in Bathrooms?

One Quora questioner asks “Why do hotels provide weighing scales in bathrooms?”

A certain “Jerry,” who according to his online profile has worked in hotels since 2002, answers “I wasn't aware they did. I’ve never seen a hotel with scales in the bathroom.”

Another answer from “Rytė Leonavičiūtė,” a “Hospitality professional” who never has to spell out her name over the phone, writes “They do, if you put it in ‘special request’ before you arrive. If it is a 5 star hotel, they will provide it to you 100%.”

Other online commentary agreed that hey, it’s a hotel, if you’re there on business you don’t care to know how much you weigh, and if you’re there on vacation you really don’t care to know how much you weigh.

However, some people do like having scales in the hotel bathroom. “They want you to feel more at home,” writes “Shamila Zubairi.” She says “For a lot of people (like me) it is a habit to step over the scale every morning. They believe that the more you feel at home, the more will you get back to the same hotel in the future.”

Certainly, hotels want guests to feel as comfortable as possible while staying at their property, whether that be more “at home” or more “away from home.” The question is, does that comfort include a scale in the bathroom or not?

All hotels should certainly have them available for guests who request one, be they five-star hotels or not, as Rytė says. Whether you put them in the rooms or not is up to you.

It’s not expected that there will be scales in a hotel bathroom. But it is expected that if the guest requests one, it will be there.