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August 31, 2017

Do Towel Reuse Programs Save Money?

Is the money used to buy those towel reuse cards for bathrooms well spent?

According to one study performed by the Association For Linen Management, hotels in the U.S. can save up to $6.50 a day per occupied room with a towel and linen policy of asking people to hang up towels for reuse instead of being replaced.

The study’s authors caution that such figures depend on such variables as local utility prices and the quality of linens used, but the consensus is that yes, they do actually save your property money.

Plus they contribute towards your image as a green, eco-friendly property if you’re using that as a marketing point. In fact, if you’re pitching your hotel as eco-friendly, guests would expect you to have a towel and linen reuse policy in place.

One important aspect of such programs is maintaining quality. Guests will be quick to form a negative opinion if they think you’re doing it just to save money. Be sure that you keep your towels and linens high quality and replaced as frequently as necessary so they don’t appear worn or past their shelf life.

The Eco-Friendly Thing? It's Actually Valid

In addition to saving money, such programs do actually save considerable amounts of water, laundry time and laundry detergent as well.

The one thing to watch out for is presenting the program in such a way that it appears it’s being done solely as a money-saving, economising tactic. If you have a reuse program, it should be obvious to guests that you’re making other efforts towards eco-friendliness as well. Using green in-room amenities is a good way to convey this impression to guests.