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June 26, 2018

How Guests Know When Your Rooms Aren’t Clean

Savvy travellers know when a hotel room isn’t clean. Since they see themselves as members of a fraternity that watches out for each other, they’re merciless on social media about it, warning other potential guests away.

Few things will ensure a guest never returns to your property than uncleanness. So what gives guests bad cleanliness vibes?

First impressions. According to Adventures All Around, first impressions are key. “Do the grounds look well-kept? Is the lobby pristine? Do the elevators look like they haven’t been cleaned in years?”

A negative first impression alerts them to scrutinize the room itself more carefully.

They’ll look for hairs or dirt in the corners, particularly in the bathroom. And they’ll “check the mirror for any fingerprints, and look at the light switch and door handle from different angles,” since housekeeping can sometimes save a bit of time by skipping these details.

One dead giveaway is the fitted sheet on the bed. TravelAt60 advises travellers not to sleep on “hotel sheets that don’t have creases from being folded. Someone slept on them already.”

Experienced hotel guests don’t even bother drinking out of the glasses left in the rooms, as there’s no way to tell when was the last time they were actually cleaned. Some hotels have switched to individually-wrapped plastic cups as a result, although this may raise eyebrows of the environmentally conscious.

While this article outlines what may appear as some pretty alarming and pernickety guest practices, the rule of thumb here is to train your housekeeping staff to take that extra time to really clean each room properly. There’s no reason to turn off guests with less than clean rooms.