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October 23, 2019

Get Your Hotel Summer Ready!

Summer’s almost here. No doubt you’re putting in the work getting the property shipshape. While you’re sprucing up the buildings and grounds, now’s the right time to make sure your online presence is summer-ready too.

It’s the best time to update all the images on your site. You should be keeping the photos on the site refreshed anyway, but now’s when you audit the site from top to bottom and make sure that the pictures are the best presentation you can put out there. Does looking at your site get people thinking about their summer travel ideas and where you may fit into them?

Review all your prices, specials, partnerships, and summer deals. Are they still accurate? Is there room for improvement? What worked well last summer? What kinda didn’t work so well? What can you try differently?

Look at your offline marketing flyers, brochures, posters, and any other materials. Are they up to date? Are those still the most attractive pictures that accurately represent what your property looks like now?

When you’re redoing your site, showcase the summery things about your property. The pool, the outdoor terraces, the gardens, the balcony views, the local walks and outdoor attractions guests can enjoy due to the fact that hey, it’s summer fun time!

Check the calendars of the most popular local attractions, festivals, concerts, fairs, and any other events that would encourage guests to stay with you. Feature them on your page, and see if you can work out a special summer getaway package deal with attraction or event organizers.

After all, it’s summer!