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August 8, 2018

Cotton vs. Velour: Which Bathrobes Are Better?

When replacing the bathrobes for your hotel or motel, you have basically two choices: Velour or cotton.

Hotel guests appreciate either one, they give hotels a touch of swank and class, but what are the actual differences?

Generally speaking, cotton bathrobes will be more absorbent. If you’re in a warmer climate and you want 100% cotton you’ll usually prefer waffle weaves, as they’re more suited to the climate.

Watch out for vendors who incorporate polyester into their “cotton” bathrobes. This is done because such blends are generally less expensive to produce.

Not that polyester is wrong for bathrobes. Velour bathrobes can be either cotton or polyester, and done correctly, they have a nice soft, velvety texture. Velour itself is a knit fabric, stretchy and comfortable, and it keeps heat in close to the skin, so it is generally popular in colder climates.

Usually hotels offer velour bathrobes, for a variety of reasons, including that velour is less expensive and looks “classier.” All-cotton bathrobes do look more homey, and while they may be more comfortable, they don’t have that sleek, stylish look that velour does.

But many hotels find that cotton robes are better for their guests, depending on the overall hotel style and theme. “Shaggy”-looking bathrobes are cotton robes with longer cotton loops used in their making and they’re actually super-absorbent, doing the best job of keeping people warm and dry.